Specialty Classes

All specialty classes require registration and payment prior to participation.

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Boot Camp - An intense conditioning class that integrates cardio exercises with muscle conditioning exercises. Classes are held outdoors and off-site. Classes are also seasonal.

This is an eight-week class held on a seasonal basis on Monday & Wednesday. Locations and times are set by the instructor and participants are notified prior to class.
Fee: $24 for members, $38 for Y members.

Martial Arts - The Quincy YMCA offers a traditional Japanese Karate program that teaches blocks, punches, kicks and stances.  This class includes strong discipline, values and fun! 

Fee: $35 for members, $67 for non-members.

Team 217 - If you have ever been interested in powerlifting or just simply taking your strength training to the next level, Team 217 might be just what you need. Through Team 217 you get connected with individuals who enjoy lifting, get monthly workouts and one on one sessions with a coach to help work on technique. You will also be informed of upcoming area competitions that you can attend with some of the team members. Individuals register, get connected with a coach to find their max weights in the 3 main powerlifts and then are provided their first month's workout. Each month you check in with the coach and are given a new workout. 

Fee: $30 for 3 month session

Registration Periods

Most classes at the Quincy Family YMCA are held in eight week sessions.
The upcoming sessions are as follows:

Fall I Session

8 Week Session Dates: September 1 - October 25

Member Registration - August 17-23
Non-member Registration - August 24-30

Fall II Session

8 Week Session Dates: October 26 - December 20

Member Registration - October 12-18
Non-member Registration - October 19-25

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